Final Expense

Final Expense is generally considered to be low face amount death benefit coverage that provides a benefit for final expenses.  The three carriers below all offer products that are viable options.  No two carriers products are alike.  Please reach out to us to help you understand the differences in the products.  Please call Denise Joachim: Direct Dial (504) 826-8842.



Assurity Acci-Flex: alternative for uninsurable life and DI prospects.  One health question AND same-days issue for most E-Apps

*  Issue ages 18 – 60 (Age last) / Benefit Amounts  $50,000 – $350,000

Assurity Product Portfolio

Assurity Acci-Flex Unit Rates    – MUST have health insurance license to sell this product.

Assurity Tele-App Consumer Flyer

Assurity- Trust- Financials Brochure



Transamerica NEWER Final Expense Solutions Products below:  These offer a Preferred Risk Class.

Final Expense Competitive Flyer

My Last Will Worksheet

Make the Most of Your Legacy 



Living Promise- What happens after the application is taken?

Apptical Brochure- The interview process

Guaranteed Advantage Accidental Death :   MUST have health insurance license to sell this product.  Must have United of Omaha license.

* This is a guarantee issue product.  No health questions on the application, no medical exam and no restrictions on the application.

* Issue ages 18 -70

* Benefit amounts 450,000 – $500,000

Guarantee Advantage Product Guide 

Guarantee Advantage Rate Sheet

Guarantee Advantage Rate Calculator

Guarantee Advantage Frequently Asked Questions

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