Impaired & Specialty Risks

This section is designed to help producers field underwrite their clients.  The more information that you can provide to us, the better we can assist you in correctly quoting your clients.   Click here for the Pre-Screen Questionnaire


Please click an impairment below and complete the back page.  We do not require a client signature.  Complete with as much information as possible.   We will turn this into an electronic format and send it out to our top carriers.   Hancock Brokerage will begin receiving tentative offers over a period of 24 -48 hours after we have submitted it to the carriers.  We will take those offers and run the corresponding illustrations for you.   Each carrier will view the impairments differently.  They will be more favorable on some and less on others.    We want to work with you, our producer, to make sure that you are meeting and managing the expectations of your client.   When your client has an issue with build, diabetes or CAD, we want to help you drill down to the top carriers for your client.  We specialize in the impaired risk markets.

** Please note that while we are posting many of Prudential’s forms for your reference, when the completed form is returned to us, we send it to all of our top carriers.


Confidential Fax to: 504.837.0090

Scan and E-mail to: (Ashley Fleischer)

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