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CINCINNATTI LIFE- One Pager on Product

Mutual of Omaha Children’s Whole Life  Product Guide

Product Guide for all Mutual of Omaha Products (Go to Page 16) 

Children’s Whole Life can be purchased by grandparents without parent’s signature

Global Atlantic’s: Built for Performance flyer on the Lifetime Builder ELITE IUL 4.2018

AIG: Non Medical underwriting on Max Accumulator Guide

Lincoln E-Pocket Tables Updated for 2017 and 2018 

Tax Efficient Estate Planning 2.18.2018 

2018 IRS Income Tax Tables

Global Atlantic’s : Lifetime Builder Fact Sheet

John Hancock’s Term Life with Vitality

John Hancock’s Underwriting Guide for Impairments July 2018

Ohio National Marketing Brochure October 2017

Global Atlantic’s Life Portfolio Overview October 2017

Global Atlantic’s “Their Premium Our Product A Conservative Rate October 2017

Global Atlantic’s Life Products Positioning Guide October 2017

The “Three Bucket” Life Insurance Strategy September 2017

AIG Underwriting Guide with Sweet Spots July 12,2017

Nationwide- The crisis facing America July 2017

Underwriter Sweet Spots

Transamerica-Consumer guide for Trendsetter LB

Transamerica-Quick and simple lead generation Trendsetter LB and TOP

CIGAR SMOKER– “New” Updated Cheat Sheet  April 2018

Marijuana cheat sheet 4.19.2017

Lincoln Financial- TOP REASON TO WRITE LFG– March 23, 2017

Principal Life Easy Access to Cash Offer

Nationwide Business Solutions video

PROTECTIVE IUL Sales Idea – January 3, 2017

Leimberg’s- What’s Hot, What’s Not from (from AXA) – January 3, 2017

Minnesota Life/Securian  Accelerated Underwriting Program: “Write Fit”

LTC vs. Chronic Illness riders on life policies: What’s the difference?

AIG Rapid Rater – Quickly quote your term case here

5 Common Mistakes with IUL

Hancock Brokerage Pre-Screen Questionnaire



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