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Global Atlantic’s: Built for Performance flyer on the Lifetime Builder ELITE IUL 4.2018

AIG: Non Medical underwriting on Max Accumulator Guide

Lincoln E-Pocket Tables Updated for 2017 and 2018 

Tax Efficient Estate Planning 2.18.2018 

2018 IRS Income Tax Tables

Global Atlantic’s : Lifetime Builder Fact Sheet

John Hancock’s Term Life with Vitality

Ohio National Marketing Brochure October 2017

Global Atlantic’s Life Portfolio Overview October 2017

Global Atlantic’s “Their Premium Our Product A Conservative Rate October 2017

Global Atlantic’s Life Products Positioning Guide October 2017

The “Three Bucket” Life Insurance Strategy September 2017

AIG Underwriting Guide with Sweet Spots July 12,2017

Nationwide- The crisis facing America July 2017

Underwriter Sweet Spots

Transamerica-Consumer guide for Trendsetter LB

Transamerica-Quick and simple lead generation Trendsetter LB and TOP

CIGAR SMOKER– “New” Updated Cheat Sheet  April 2018

Marijuana cheat sheet 4.19.2017

Lincoln Financial- TOP REASON TO WRITE LFG– March 23, 2017

Principal Life Easy Access to Cash Offer

Nationwide Business Solutions video

PROTECTIVE IUL Sales Idea – January 3, 2017

Leimberg’s- What’s Hot, What’s Not from (from AXA) – January 3, 2017

Minnesota Life/Securian  Accelerated Underwriting Program: “Write Fit”

LTC vs. Chronic Illness riders on life policies: What’s the difference?

AIG Rapid Rater – Quickly quote your term case here

5 Common Mistakes with IUL

Hancock Brokerage Pre-Screen Questionnaire



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