Life with LTC Rider/Accelerated Death Benefit

Clients have the option of meeting their Long Term Care needs in a variety of ways.


1)  Stand-alone LTC (Long Term Care) products – See our LTC tab for carriers.


2)  Hybrid Products – allow clients to purchase a low death benefit and have a majority of their money remain liquid.  Clients have  liquidity, a death benefit and long term care coverage.   (Lincoln’s MoneyGuard, Genworth’s Total Living Coverage, One America- are examples of this type of product)


3)  Life Insurance with a Chronic Illness/ LTC RIDER.  It’s important to understand the differences in the riders.   Only a few carriers offer a true LTC rider.  Many are chronic illness riders, where the illness must be deemed permanent.   See the comparison below.  Not all carriers that we represent are included in this comparison.  Nationwide is another carrier that offers a very competitive rider that should be considered.

There is a great deal of confusion over the differences between the LTC and chronic Illness Riders.   This is a great comparison tool from NationwideCLICK HERE TO READ BETWEEN THE LINES 




AIG Changes to AAS Rider: CLICK HERE FOR A COMPARISON  (9/09/2016)

When the unforeseen chronic illness claim does occur, we make life simple with our chronic illness rider Accelerated Access Solution® (AAS):

  1. No need for Chronic Illness to be Permanent
  2. Premium Reductions are waived
  3. Payment of AAS Benefits while on claim

As your client comes OFF claim, they can be guaranteed there are no “gotchas” and no “catch-up” premiums.

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Global Atlantic

Global Atlantic Click here for Accelerated Access Rider Info

Nationwide LTC Rider on Life Product

 Nationwide LTC Rider on Life Product- CASE STUDY

Prudential Benefit Access Rider Guidelines

John Hancock Consumer LTC Rider Guide

John Hancock Producer LTC Rider Guide

LIFE TRENDS Long Term Care and Chronic Illness Chart

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