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Updates effective April 17,2017

Marketing Materials- Advisor Reference Guide  (Updated 6/18)

Lincoln MoneyGuard II – Click here for MONEYGUARD VIDEO  (Consumer)

Lincoln MoneyGuard II-Click here for MONEYGUARD VIDEO (Broker/Agent)

A universal life insurance with an optional long-term care benefit rider1 gives your clients a choice of premium payment options of 1 through 10 years.

Why clients choose Lincoln MoneyGuard II:

  • Income tax-free death benefit if all or some of the LTC benefits are not used
  • Return of premium options
  • Inflation protection options to help keep pace with rising LTC costs
  • Freedom to choose a flexible or single premium policy
  • No deductible or waiting period

Valuable LTC resources

Did you know that 70% of people turning age 65 can expect to use some form of long-term care during their lives. We give you the tools to start this difficult conversation and communicate the importance of long-term care planning. You’ll have everything you need to prospect, educate clients, and expand your business.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services long-term care website:, accessed July 12, 2013.

MONEYGUARD II TOOLS & LINKS:  Updated 10/16/2018

The Lincoln Leader Oct. 2018

New Lincoln MoneyGuard Statement 10.18

Sample Statement

Enhanced Submission Process

Personal History Interview Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Build Chart     Medication Guidelines    Pre-Submission Underwriting Tool

Availability Grid by State

MoneyGuard II compared to the MoneyGuard Reserve

MoneyGuard State Training and Licensing – what do you need to write this product?

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