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Care Solutions® LTC Benefits — If You Don’t Use Them, You Won’t Lose Them

Put your clients’ assets to work — using a life insurance policy or an annuity — and provide long-term care benefits. Clients can use the LTC benefit if they need it or leave the death benefit or accumulated value as part of their financial legacy. Keep reading to see how you can establish or grow client relationships through our value added products. For more on features and benefits for your clients, visit our products and services section.

Issued and underwritten by The State Life Insurance Company. May not be available in all states.

Asset-Care® — Clients receive a guaranteed amount of life insurance. All of it can be used for qualifying long-term care expenses, and the premium is credited with a guaranteed interest rate, increasing the cash value each month. This patented solution provides a unique opportunity for two individuals to receive benefits from a single policy. Policy Form #L301-SA31 and R501 (or state variation).

Annuity Care® — Sell an annuity with LTC benefits where clients can access their cash value for qualifying care expenses on a tax-advantaged basis, and they can purchase extended benefits with guaranteed premiums. Policy Form #SA34, R508 (or state variation).

Annuity Care® II — Access an annuity with LTC benefits where clients can access their cash value for qualifying expenses on a tax-advantaged basis, and it has built-in extended care benefits at guaranteed premiums. Policy Form #SA35.

Immediate Care® — This medically underwritten single-premium immediate annuity helps fund care that is needed now with monthly payments guaranteed for life. (While this income stream is guaranteed for life, it may not cover all costs associated with long-term care.) Policy Form #SA33 (or state variation).

Legacy Care® — Use this financial vehicle as an option for helping clients fund future care while also allowing them to grow and protect their financial legacy. Policy Form #SA32, R502, R503 (or state variation).


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